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Memory Bounds Checking Tools

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Last updated: 2008 Oct 12
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  • An article that examines a number of free memory checkers. [4753]
  • Geodesic makes some software development support tools (like Great Circle) that look for memory leaks and such. We recently had very good success with this package at work, in fact we turned to it when Purify consistently failed to work. If you are writing complex software that is programmed in multiple languages (ours uses C++, FORTRAN and JAVA) and interacts with an object database (such as ObjectStore) this might be worth a try. I have used a similar tool from Rational Software called Purify, though over the years this has got harder and harder to run (probably because the program we are running it on has got bigger and bigger). GlowCode also makes a package for code profiling and leak detection that sounds promising, and it is a lot more reasonably priced than Purify and GreatCiricle. If you are doing development with Java, then OptimizeIt is an excellent tool to have. This was written by VMGear and later picked up by Borland. This Slashdot artical also includes some freeware memory leak references, such as this page which has further references. [4752]
  • CodeSonar from GrammaTech is a source code analyzer that helps identify bugs [4751]
  • Slashdot discusses memory checker tools for C++ [4750]
  • Valgrind is a memory checker program for C/C++ [4749]
  • BoundsChecker from Compuware, is discussed here, along with Electric Fence which is available free from Bruce Perens. Another article that discusses BoundsChecker. [4748]

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